About This Course

If you ever wanted to learn to dance but have been afraid to try, this course is for you.

French Canadian Step Dancing is a very rhythmic and percussive dance form. It is typically done to fiddle music however the choice of music is yours.

In the first dance alone, I will give you all of the Step Dance building blocks you’ll ever need.

Then, through a series of three, progressively more difficult routines, you will develop the tools, coordination and confidence, to be able to get up and dance at any opportunity. No experience or partner necessary. You just need a willing spirit and a little time for fun!

Some features of this course include:

  • 90% less than the cost of private Lessons
  • Learn from a Pro
  • 24/7 access
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Stream lessons on any device
  • Direct feedback and answers to your questions, from me

The Curriculum

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